Leveraging L&D to
overcome the skills shortages

With record low unemployment rates of 4% in the UK, its lowest level since the 1970s, businesses are struggling to recruit workers, as there are not enough people with the right skills available - impacting business performance and productivity. According to research by The Open University, 94% of businesses surveyed are struggling to find workers with the right skills, and actually, think that the skills gap is getting worse.

Fierce competition is making it increasingly difficult to find the talent with the skills and expertise that will drive business success. For organisations and business leaders, it is imperative to examine, understand, develop, and implement a variety of solutions to support 21st-century careers. By focusing on experiences, new career models, data-driven tools, and L&D offerings, companies will be able to develop, retain, and reinvent the right talent at the right time.  

To address these challenges Raytheon Professional Services, in partnership with CorporateLeaders, is hosting the 7th annual Raytheon Symposium focusing on “Leveraging L&D to Overcome the Skills Shortages” in 26th September in London to discuss:

  • Capability Conundrum: developing skills for future careers
  • Apprenticeships: an age-old solution to 21st-century challenges
  • How to deliver a Learner-centric approach
  • Reinventing Learning - Creating a learning culture

This event is an exclusive peer-to-peer collaborative learning meeting bringing together 50 senior HR, Learning & Development and Training leaders to share knowledge and best practices, debate key training and development solutions and challenges, and network with peers and experts.


Raytheon Symposium 2019

London | 26th September