Agenda - 26th September

45 minutes

Registration & Welcome Coffee

20 minutes

Keynote – Leveraging L&D to Overcome the Skills Shortages

Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology, University College London

45 minutes

Learning Café – Capability Conundrum: Developing Skills for Future Careers

As career models change to one where employees need to continuously reskill, gain new experiences, and reinvent themselves at work, how does L&D overcome the disconnect between developing the right skills for today’s career paths?

Jane Daly, Chief Insights Officer, Towards Maturity

30 minutes

Coffee Break

45 minutes

Learning Café – Apprenticeships: an age-old solution to 21st-century challenges

Apprenticeships have a long history, but they remain highly relevant to 21st-century organisations. When they are aligned to business goals and objectives, they can bridge the skills gaps and have a positive impact on the apprentices and business. How can we ensure that apprenticeship programs are fit for purpose as business models adapt and the future of work is unknown?

Kathryn Porter, Director of Youth Strategy for EMEA at Hilton will facilitate the Apprenticeships Learning Café, where we will examine how to:
Ensure that apprenticeship programs are fit for purpose and can adapt to the speed of change
The impact of the future of work on programs
Finding the right balance between developing skills needed for the economy, business and needs of the employee
Delivery models and maintaining the quality of the training provided

Kathryn Porter, Director of Youth Strategy for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Hilton

15 minutes


Time to grab a coffee, think about the outcomes from the previous session

45 minutes

Learning Café – How to deliver a Learner-centric approach

Learner engagement is one of the holy grails of L&D teams battling with attention deficit and information overload. If learners are not interested in what is being delivered, they will absorb little information and the effectiveness of the overall programme will be minimal if at all. How can we apply some fresh thinking within L&D if we want learners engaged and invigorated?

Ute Basler, Head of Learning Content Design and Development, Raytheon Professional Services

60 minutes


45 minutes

Learning Café – Reinventing Learning - Creating a learning culture

Adaptability is essential to thriving in today’s quick-changing uncertain environment. Employees expect employers to continually feed their minds and develop their skills. Creating a culture of learning requires continuous measurement, processes and overcoming objections while integrating the concept of learning into how your company operates. How can a learning culture transform your business and how do we make the transition?

Ajay Jacob, Academy Content Manager, Arcadis


Raytheon Symposium 2019

London | 26th September