Leveraging L&D to overcome the skills shortages

26th September

Kings Place | London

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Leveraging L&D to
overcome the skills shortages

With record low unemployment rates of 4% in the UK, its lowest level since the 1970s, businesses are struggling to recruit workers, as there are not enough people with right skills available - impacting business performance and productivity. According to research by The Open University, 94% of businesses surveyed are struggling to find workers with the right skills, and actually, think that the skills gap is getting worse.

Fierce competition is making it increasingly difficult to find the talent with the skills and expertise that will drive business success. For organisations and business leaders, it is imperative to examine, understand, develop, and implement a variety of solutions to support 21st-century careers. By focusing on experiences, new career models, data-driven tools, and L&D offerings, companies will be able to develop, retain, and reinvent the right talent at the right time.

In addition to the 4 key topic areas covered in the agenda, participants will walk away with an action plan to increase the impact on their organisation.
career paths

Capability Conundrum: Developing skills for future careers

As career models change to one where employees need to continuously reskill, gain new experiences, and reinvent themselves at work, how does L&D overcome the disconnect between developing the right skills for today’s career paths?


Apprenticeships: an age-old solution to 21st-century challenges

Apprenticeship schemes when aligned to business goals and objectives can bridge the skills gaps and have a positive impact on the apprentices. As apprenticeships become more popular, people are taking part in schemes as a way of gaining new skills and changing their career paths. How can you leverage apprenticeships to overcome skills shortages in your company?


Delivering a Learner-centric approach

Learner engagement is one of the holy grails of L&D teams battling with attention deficit and information overload. If learners are not interested in what is being delivered, they will absorb little information and the effectiveness of the overall programme will be minimal if at all. How can we apply some fresh thinking within L&D if we want learners engaged and invigorated?

learning culture

Reinventing Learning - Creating a learning culture

Adaptability is essential to thriving in today’s quick-changing uncertain environment. Employees expect employers to continually feed their minds and develop their skills. Creating a culture of learning requires continuous measurement, processes and overcoming objections while integrating the concept of learning into how your company operates. How can a learning culture transform your business and how do we make the transition?



45 minutes

Registration & Welcome Coffee

15 minutes

Welcome Address

20 minutes

Keynote – Leveraging L&D to Overcome the Skills Shortages

45 minutes

Learning Café – Capability Conundrum: Developing Skills for Future Careers

30 minutes

Coffee Break

45 minutes

Learning Café – Apprenticeships: an age-old solution to 21st-century challenges

15 minutes


45 minutes

Learning Café – How to deliver a Learner-Centric approach

60 minutes


45 minutes

Learning Café – Reinventing Learning: Creating a learning culture

25 minutes

Panel Discussion – Learning outcomes from the day

15 minutes

Close & Alignment

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