Restaurant Jerom

Restaurant Jerom is situated in the heart of Antwerp and is run by Filip de Pauw and Roxanne Vaessen. Product and craft have a central position at Restaurant Jerom. They have their own kitchen garden where they learn to follow the rhythm of the seasons. They are always looking for local farmers who are treating their products with the same passion and craftsmanship, and the accent on flavor and quality as they do. 

Originating from the East-Flemish village Kleit, De Pauw was born as the youngest descendant in a family with five sons. Although his family had been active in the landscaping and tree cultivation sector for many years, Filip knew at an early age that he would not be following in his father's footsteps. The kitchen was where his ambitions lay.

Driven by his willfulness and passion for cooking, he went to Hotel School Spermalie. After thorough training, De Pauw ended up in the kitchen of some of Belgium's great masters. Throughout his career, Filip honed his skills and prepared himself to realize his dream: to show his ambition, passion, and skills in his own restaurant.

At Jerom, Filip De Pauw brings a cuisine characterized by individuality, daring, and creativity. His view of what good food is can at the very least be called refreshing, without losing respect for tradition. Jerom is the melting pot and an extension of Filip himself.

Graaf van Egmontstraat 39A
2000 Antwerp


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