Give your business its own AI captain

Technology is growing at an exponential rate and Artificial Intelligence is no exception. The role of Artificial Intelligence in the world is immense and AI is transforming industries at all levels. The health care, insurance, autonomous driving, and the sports industry, among others, are all using AI for better decision-making.  

The Autonomous Mayflower ship is powered by IBM’s AI Captain. While sailing the ocean, the Mayflower needs to make split-second decisions based on its surroundings. Like the Mayflower, you need to make your own decisions for your business understanding the risks, behaviors, and market conditions you are operating in. You need to act based on all necessary data from inside and outside the company to feed your business rules, and your machine learning models. 

What can companies do to upscale their AI? What are the challenges around the AI lifecycle? What challenges are companies facing when moving from conceptional to operational AI?

To address this, CorporateLeaders and IBM are hosting an intimate and interactive peer-to-peer round table discussion for up to 15 Enterprise Architects, Data Scientists, Digital and Innovation Officers and Innovation Leaders.

During this interactive meeting taking place on 17th March at 16:00 at Restaurant Jerom, Antwerp, our keynote speakers Dimitar Yaprakov, Lead Data Scientist at KBC, Luc Goossens, Technical Sales Leader Data and AI and Cognitive Solutions at IBM, Koenraad De Cock, Data Science Solution Specialist at IBM, and Vincent Nelis, Data Science & AI Elite Team at IBM, will discuss:

  • Where to start when identifying AI challenges in your organization
  • The challenges organizations are facing moving from conceptional to operational AI
  • The challenges around the AI lifecycle
  • What it takes to upscale your AI
  • Leveraging AI to drive strategic decision making


Give your business its own AI captain