11 February 15:30 - 17:00

Virtual meeting

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S2P: Building Resiliency and Driving Business Value

Chief Financial and Procurement Officers are under pressure to transform, optimise and automate finance and procurement. They face many challenges in making the Source-to-Pay (S2P) process as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

In this fast-changing world, new capabilities are required and the future of S2P relies on technology, big data, and digital networks to create efficiency. Forward-looking companies are integrating AI and automation into their S2P operations to optimise costs, improve profitability, productivity, cash flow and compliance through the entire process.


To help finance and procurement transform S2P, CorporateLeaders and IBM are hosting an intimate peer-to-peer virtual roundtable keynoted by Coca-Cola for up to 15 Finance and Procurement Leaders to discuss how automation, AI and digital transformation can boost S2P.


During this virtual meeting our experts Cornelia Nitra, Finance Director Northern Europe and Interim Procurement Director Western Europe, Coca-Cola Services, and Graham Wright, Vice President - Global Procurement Finance & Operations, IBM, we will discuss:


  • How Coca-Cola is transforming S2P and the lessons learned
  • Digitalisation, automation and AI for effective data-driven Source-to-Pay operations
  • The transformation of end-to-end operations to drive bottom-line growth and improve direct cash flow
  • How to improve the Source-to-Pay process and meet complex business requirements



3 minutes


20 minutes

S2P Transformation at Coca-Cola

Cornelia Nitra
Finance Director Northern Europe
Coca-Cola Services

Maite Leleu-Eponville
Director - Marketing Transformation
The Coca-Cola Company

15 minutes

Graham Wright
Vice President - Global Procurement Finance & Operations

52 minutes

Round table discussion

0 minutes

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S2P: Building Resiliency And Driving Business Value

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