Driving M&A Success with HR

9th September 15:30 -17:00 CET

Virtual meeting

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Driving M&A Success with HR

Due to the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, mergers, acquisition, and divestitures are increasingly becoming a strategic option to safeguard the company's future or to accelerate transformation.

However, most studies find that between 70 and 90 per cent of acquisitions fail. Organisations spend vast amounts of time and money on the deal yet remain hopelessly incompatible. The messy complexities of integrating cultures, processes and people continue to be a challenge.

To be successful, HR has a vital role to play. From oversight of employees and managing the complex web of differing terms of employment to driving culture, retaining talent and motivating new employees and integrating processes. If you don’t get the people side right, failure is the likely outcome.

By involving HR early in the transaction, the analysis and insight it provides can help achieve success. But what are the priorities for HR to address and the role strategic HR Leadership can play during the M&A or divestiture lifecycle?

To address this, CorporateLeaders and SD Worx are hosting an intimate and interactive peer-to-peer virtual roundtable discussion for up to 25 HR, payroll, talent, HRIS and M&A Leaders. 

During this virtual meeting, our keynote speaker Michael Oggenfuss, Global Head HRIS & Employee Services Human Resources, Worldline who has successfully supported 14 M&As in the past 2 years and M&A experts from SD Worx who guide companies and teams successfully through integrations will discuss: 

  • The role HR can play during the M&A lifecycle
  • HR drivers for deeper due diligence
  • Developing an effective integration or divestiture HR strategy
  • Harmonizing HR processes, systems and tools
  • M&A or divestiture as a drive for HR transformation
  • Creating a culture to successfully complete the merger
  • Managing and overcoming resistance
  • HR lessons learned from successes and failures




3 minutes


20 minutes

Keynote address

Michael Oggenfuss
Global Head HRIS & Employee Services Human Resources, Worldline

15 minutes

Els Rens
Business Unit Manager Consultancy, SD Worx

An Vanhees
HR Manager, SD Worx

52 minutes

Round table discussion

0 minutes

End of event

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Driving M&A Success With HR


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