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27 October 10:00 - 11:00

Virtual meeting

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Hire to Retire: Leveraging Automation and AI Across the Employee Lifecycle

The world is changing at lightning speed, digitalisation, globalisation, demographic changes and pandemics are having a profound impact on our lives, our cultures, our societies and our work. Companies are at a crossroads: those that capitalise on the opportunities and those that are left behind.


Forward-looking enterprises are transforming their HR processes by leveraging automation and AI to augment their core strengths, supplement their weaknesses and empower their people to focus on what’s important. No wonder that 69 per cent of CEOs say that a strong cyber strategy is critical to building trust with key stakeholders. And yet, only 16 per cent of organisations have already implemented AI in the automation of some of their processes.[1]


With an increasingly remote (and anxious) employee base, strategic workforce planning is more important than ever. By including automation and AI cross the employee lifecycle HR and process leaders can better understand the workforce and personalise their experiences while improving the speed, accuracy, and agility of the business.


To address how HR can improve the employee experience from hire to retire, while creating seamless processes that make the organisation run smoothly and consistently, CorporateLeaders and IBM are hosting an intimate peer-to-peer virtual roundtable discussion for up to 15 HR, Learning, and Recruitment Leaders.


During this virtual meeting keynoted by Frédéric Pierre, Director People and Culture, Euroclear, with our speaker Sofie Narinx, Partner Cognitive Process Transformation Leader Benelux, IBM, we will share and discuss an outside-in perspective with real examples of how automation, AI and digital transformation influence the HR function across the full employee lifecycle from hire to retire, to drive better end to end outcomes in recruitment, learning and an improved employee experience.


[1] KPMG 2019 Global CEO Outlook



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Digital Transformation at Euroclear
Frédéric Pierre, Director People and Culture, Euroclear

Digital Reinvention of HR
Sofie Narinx

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Round table discussion

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Hire to retire:
Leveraging automation and AI across the employee lifecycle

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