The Data Fabric: How to Unlock the Value of Your Data

Data is an integral element of digital transformation for any enterprise. But as organizations seek to leverage their data, they encounter challenges resulting from diverse data sources, types, structures, environments, and platforms.

For too many enterprises today, operational data has largely remained siloed and hidden, leading to an enormous amount of dark data. This impacts a business’s ability to turn data into what it should be: a strategic and manageable asset.

Enter the ‘Data fabric’. This emerging architecture aims to address the data challenges arising out of the hybrid data landscape. A data fabric ensures that all kinds of data can be pulled together and successfully combined, accessed, and governed in one place, creating a network of instantly available information to power a business forward.

But how can companies best implement a data fabric approach? How can existing or new infrastructures help? And what are the learnings from organizations that are further along the data fabric journey?

To address this, CorporateLeaders and IBM are hosting an intimate and interactive peer-to-peer virtual round table discussion for up to 15 Data, Operations, Digital, Automation and Transformation Leaders.

During this interactive virtual meeting taking place on 2nd December at 15:30, our keynote speakers Herman Nielens, Data & AI Architect at IBM and Steven Bex, Director Managed Analytics at Deloitte, will discuss:

  • The challenges organizations are currently facing around data (finding and preparing data, data governance, the war for talent, data protection, privacy, and compliance)
  • Data silos with different technologies
  • What is a data fabric, and how can it help overcome the challenges currently being faced
  • Realizing the business value of AI through data
  • Examples and lessons learned from cutting edge organizations in Belgium adopting a data fabric



The Data Fabric: How to Unlock the Value of Your Data