Enabling Learning for Maximum Impact

September 13th

Kings Place | London

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Enabling Learning for
Maximum Impact

The way we work, live and learn is changing just as quickly as the world around us and this is having a massive impact on learning and development strategies. The challenge for today’s organisations is how best to develop the capabilities within the workforce for maximum impact and to drive innovation to stay ahead of the competition.

Through a highly collaborative format, Raytheon Professional Services, in partnership with CorporateLeaders, is hosting a complimentary and  exclusive peer-to-peer learning meeting bringing together 50 senior HR, Learning & Development, Talent Management, and Training leaders to share knowledge and best practices, debate key training and development solutions and challenges, and network with peers and experts.

In addition to the 4 key topic areas covered in the agenda, participants will walk away with an action plan to increase the impact on their organisation.


When done right, micro-learning provides quicker access to learning, significantly increases retention and engagement, and improves overall workplace performance. What are some of the best practices in applying micro-learning to drive improved performance?


Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is data-driven, responsive and personalised in approach which results in more relevant content, engaged learners and better business outcomes. How can organisations deliver this approach to learning and how can they overcome the main challenges?


Digital Content Development & Curation

There is an abundance of good learning content available, but the problem is how to get control of the content, organise it for better access, match it to the organisation's digital learning objectives, and optimise it for maximum learning impact.


Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is on the rise and one that is integral in building agility into organisations. With social learning enabling smarter decision making and enhancing business outcomes, what are the best ways to lead collaborative and social learning with available technologies?



30 minutes

Registration & Welcome Coffee

15 minutes

Welcome Address

20 minutes

Unlocking Talent Potential for Business Impact Through Learning & Development

90 minutes

Learning Café: Micro-learning, Adaptive Learning, Digital Content Development & Curation, Collaborative Learning

30 minutes

Coffee Break

70 minutes

Crowdsourcing: Making Transformation a Reality - Accelerating Your Journey to Delivering Impact

30 minutes


30 minutes

Panel Discussion: Key Takeaways from the Learning Café Sessions

10 minutes

Close & Alignment

Kings Place

90 York Way
London N1 9AG | UK

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Raytheon Symposium 2018

London | September 13th

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